Proven Dehumidifier Installation & Replacement in McAlester, OK

If you’re having problems with the humidity levels in your home, it may be time to have a dehumidifier installed. Our team at Blackburn Plumbing & Air provides reputable dehumidifier installation and replacement in McAlester, OK, that will keep the humidity level is where you want them to be. One call is all it takes to get the long-lasting solution you need.

Common Signs of Excess Household Humidity

When the humidity level in your home is too high, it usually results in some common signs that will affect your day-to-day comfort. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Respiratory issues or worsening allergy symptoms

  • Condensation forming on your windows

  • Musty odors in the house

  • Mold or mildew growth

  • Clammy feeling skin

  • Blistering or bubbling paint on your walls

  • A heavy feel to the air inside the house

Working with Our HVAC Experts in McAlester, OK

Working with us means you’ll be able to take advantage of our world-class HVAC services and our memorable customer service that keeps our customers coming back for more. We are a family-owned and operated business with strong ties to the local community, and our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with all of our customers. We like to use the slogan, “Whatever it takes!” because we’re dedicated to making sure the job is done right and there’s a smile on your face. Here’s more of what you get when you work with us:

  • Access to 24-hour emergency services

  • Courteous HVAC technicians that always show up on time

  • Transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees

  • Flexible financing options to help meet your budget

What Is a Whole-Home Dehumidifier?

A whole-home dehumidifier refers to a system that’s installed to help reduce the humidity levels in all the rooms of your house. This is different than smaller, portable dehumidifier units that are used to reduce humidity in individual rooms. The smaller units are useful, but they don’t tackle the larger problem of humidity in the whole house.

Possible Risks of High Humidity Levels in Your Home

If you have high humidity in your home and you don’t do anything about it, the excess moisture may encourage mold and mildew growth and endanger your family’s health. Higher humidity levels can also cause your AC to work harder as it tries to cool the house. This can have a ripple effect, increasing your monthly energy bills and reducing the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Working with Professionals for Your Dehumidifier Installation

When you work with professionals like our team to install your dehumidifier, your entire house will have just the right humidity level to make everyone comfortable and prevent any adverse effects. We also have the experience, the tools, and the expertise to get the job done correctly so your system runs effectively when you need it most.

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    Carl Sitterlet
    Great people can’t wait for them to start very knowledgeable about mini split air conditioners
    elizabeth meek
    They arrived on time, answered all my questions. Went above and beyond. Thank you very much
    Karen Rau
    Very careful and thorough in the jobs I hired them for. I'll definitely keep them in mind for my next plumbing or HVAC need!
    Sheri English
    Jason gets an A+ and 👍👍. While replacing wax seal and broken stool flange he noticed a bad part in tank and fixed without hesitation. He always goes above and beyond!!
    Shellie Sexton
    Thank you for the fast response.
    Kendra Heathcock
    Extremely happy with the service provided. Brad, is honest, down to earth and relatable He didn't just put a band-aid on the problem and leave. He let me know what the issue was, and explained my sewer line needed replaced. He walked me through the repair and replacement plan for the new sewer line. It took a few weeks before the team was able to get a date set for the repair, but it was expected with all the rain fall, and other jobs that were scheduled before my service. Definitely worth the wait. Once the date was set, the job was completed quickly, my yard was set back the way it was prior to the repair, and I was no longer worried about sewage in my back yard.In my opinion, Blackburn Plumbing is the best. Service is excellent and Pricing is affordable. I will be using Blackburn for all future plumbing needs.
    Robert Oliver
    They were great. They fix the problem . Cleaned this mess up. They showed up the same day I called them . 5 Stars for sure!!!!!!
    Cindi Stevens
    Excellent service .Brad is awesome !
    G Martel
    Great service.
    Linda Alcorta
    Very polite and showed concern about getting my water back on. Repair of the broken line was done very quickly and professionally. Best customer service ever!!!
    Lyndal Smith
    I always call on these guys...Blackburn is the best
    Marsha Watson
    Very good service
    Andrea Heles
    We developed a burst pipe on an exterior wall last Wednesday morning. There was somewhere between an eighth of an inch and a quarter of an inch throughout my living room, adjacent bathroom and the storage room behind the bathroom. Blackburn was called at 7 a.m. and responded by 9. Unfortunately for me they were already busy and I was waterless until today, Saturday. By 11 Bradley was here fixing the problem with expandible piping and water is restored. Thank you Bradley. Thank you Blackburn!1-31-24--There was an additional clog in the septic clean out pipe that clearing the septic tank didn't clear out. Although this was addressed in December it is now truly cleared out.
    JD Grissom
    Diamond was excellent. Quick and quality work. Physically showed me and explained what was wrong with my furnace and had me up and running in under an hour. Will definitely recommend and use their services again.
    Darlene Williams
    Jason & Maverick were great. They worked hard to get our plumbing issue resolved. Answered all our questions and made sure we understood how to work our filtration systemHighly recommend them & Blackburn Plumbing. From the time I called for an appointment until the guys showed up it was good communication, really GREAT experience!!!
    Lanie Lott
    They came out to fix a pipe to my gas meter, they were fast and on time,they kept me updated and diamond was very polite and went out of his way to make sure city came out and approved an passed the inspection
    Awesome job!
    Mark Hearod
    Very prompt and professional. Will continue to use them.
    Shirley Donaldson
    Thomas Little did an excellent job! Solved the problem quickly and had my heat back on before lunch. I will call for Thomas Little again when needed.He also cleaned up very well! I would highly recommend him and Blackburn plumbing!
    Melissa McLaughlin
    BRAD and MARCUS are a plumbing dream team.Plumbing is to them what crops are to cream.My three quarter tee was cracked from the cold,so they swapped it with PEX, 'cause the PVC was old.Bards will sing of their triumph for the next thousand years,but in the near future, they deserve a few beers.BRAD is the wizened Journeyman master,whose work could nary be better or faster,by any lesser plumber, with lesser skills,than what BRAD uses to finance his bills.MARCUS, though I was at work when he arrived,surpassed all my hopes, leaving my fears deprived.He's now my best friend, whether he likes it or not,'cause when I got home, I didn't step in a wet spot.In fact, there's another honor I've bestowed on this maverick,he's my son's new godfather, even though we're not Catholic.So here's to Blackburn Plumbing and their peerless technique.Give them a call if you spring a leak.
    Chuck Borgelt
    Most awesome and professional service - great job - and we have our water back in time for Sunday church service - thanks Marcus and Jason!!!
    Patti Weddle
    Great Experience, Jason was great at letting me know what the problem was and he stayed at it until the problem was fixed. Then told me what the problem was and what needed to be done. Price was resonable. I would highly recommend Blackburn Plumbing & Air of Eastern Oklahoma LLC...
    Bob Wiebe
    They were here when they said they would be. Very satisfied with the work and information. Couldn’t have gone any better.
    Mac McLaughlin
    We had been without Plumbing for about 2 weeks by the time Brad came out from Blackburn to help us out. I had emotionally prepared myself to have my finances completely decimated so that I might once again be able to take a hot shower. Brad had the job done in maybe an hour and at about a tenth of the price I was expecting. There's no point in using any company but Blackburn. And I'm sorry to all the other companies but we called several of you and Blackburn was the first ones to make it out to us and they exceeded our expectations beyond our wildest imagining. They deserve your business. No doubt about it.
    RaRa Jones
    Very pleasant to deal with. Came very quickly during bad cold snap too! Excellent!!!
    Dannel Lawrence
    We are very satisfied with Marcus. He was very attentive to our questions and very professional. Marcus represented your company very well. We have water and are very grateful. Cordially yours, Dannel and Sheree Lawrence
    Aunt BB's Homestead Kitchen
    Installed central heat and air conditioning 👌
    Geoffrey Morley
    Excellent service. He worked his butt off in the cold. He kept me informed the entire time and was friendly. 10/10
    Amelia London
    Very good work very considerate and seemed through.
    Mandy Eldridge
    Great service and very knowledgeable! Would highly recommend Blackburn for your heating and air needs! Thank you Diamond!
    yvette andrews
    Diamond is fantastic! He really knows what he’s doing.
    Lori Bailey
    This company is fantastic!! I called for an appointment because the shower and toilet were not draining properly. The nice lady on the phone took my information and said someone would be out today! Brad and Cordell showed up a couple of hours later! They got to work right away , told me exactly what the problem was, and how much it would cost. These guys are so nice and they work fast and efficiently. They also made sure everything was put back the way it was before they left. They are affordable and reliable, and did not disappoint. I am very happy with the work they did and will be using them for other plumbing repairs in the future.
    NaNaMiller40 Miller
    They came out when i had a issue and fixed it quickly. They were professional and timely! As always!I would highly recommend them if you ever have any plumbing issues. They are a business that cares about there customers!
    Angela Rouse
    I thought my pipes were frozen or something because I don’t have water because of the extreme cold. They came out my pipes aren’t frozen but the line to the house is frozen at the cement brick wall. I’m glad my pipes aren’t frozen. I know what I need to do to fix this and this won’t happen again. The gentleman was very nice and helpful.
    Lizzie Girl
    Efficient and tidy and polite
    Ryndie Liess
    Always friendly and professional, even in this bitter cold weather
    Paula Hyden
    Great service!!! Recommend diamond at Blackburn 100 %
    Wil Grevel
    Water Heater: As usual, outstanding job! Marcus was the Lead here and Maverick as his assistant. Quick diagnosis followed by expert maintenance on site 👍 Thanks guys! You’re the BEST. Also I wanted to thank Sherry for coordinating all this with Marcus. Awesome job!!!😎🤙
    Knew what he was doing. Very professional.
    John Homer
    They did a great job and were very professional. Thanks
    Warren Puckett
    Thomas Little was my HVAC technician today at my house. He and his crew installed a complete new central air heat pump system in just 7 hours. That included the outside compressor and the heat exchanger in the attic. Blackburn HVAC really came through in a crunch to get this installed after my system died. We were relying on the fireplace to heat the house and the outside temps are in the mid 20's. I really appreciate them getting it done before the snow starts. I can recommend them very highly. 5 stars!
    Jason did a good job. He was very knowledgeable and was able to fix my problem. I will use Blackburn Plumbing from now on.
    Edward Klumpp
    Jason did an excellent job and would use him again.
    Weldon Smith
    I give Jason a 10 out of 10.Patient, friendly and knowledgeable while working through my list of tasks, some of which were a little challenging.Would be pleased to have him doing my plumbing work next time.
    David Frerichs
    Both employees were polite and knowledgeable they got the job done in half the time they quoted it would take and left the work site in as good of shape or better then I expected.
    Tamara Masters
    Thank you! Bradley helped my mom with a plumbing emergency. He and his helper arrived quickly and repaired the problem. I highly recommend Blackburn.
    Derrick James
    Service was quick and the customer service was excellent.
    Jim Crowl
    Good job. Very polite.
    Stephen Branham
    The technicians truly went the extra miles to help a first time customer. Bradley Davis was early and completed early did a good job !
    Cheryl Watts
    Great team of installers. Diamond is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail. He answers all our questions.A very courteous person and a pleasure to work with.
    Always is professional and does a great job
    Les Warren
    Their personnel were very professional and each one went out of their way to be helpful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a plumbing company.
    Carrie Robertson
    BRADLEY Davis and Maverick not only did an excellent job with my home repairs, they were personable, knowledgeable, and completed the repairs for well under the original estimate. They were also savvy enough to spot a problem with my hot water tank that someone else had recently installed incorrectly which could have been dangerous to my family and fixed it immediately. Very Affordable, Honest and Educated. I would not hesitate to call Bradley and Maverick again.
    David Robinson
    Great customer service along with highly qualified employees
    Rick Bahner
    Great job as usual. Timely & persosble.
    Bob Curtis
    Friendly guys who seemed to know their stuff. Fixed the problem.
    C.J. Walker
    When I called Blackburn Plumbing, I was in a panic about issue I was having! I was greeted with a friendly confident person that immediately set my mind at ease. She answered my questions & made a work order to get me in the first available time slot, the next morning Bradley Davis was here! Mr Davis was professional & courteous from the start, and was in & out in a timely manner. I am certain that Blackburn Plumbing & all their employees hold themselves to a high standard of knowledge & professionalism that doesn't seem to be as common these days, and I feel confident recommending them to anyone!
    Marie Farris
    Quick response. Took professional care of our plumbing problem. Thanks!
    Chris Main
    Great service and know what they are doing.
    Kathy Rowell
    They were polite and very helpful. Would definitely recommend Blackburn.
    Tim Wynn
    Men did a good job. Appreciate the timely response.
    Wanda De Fore
    Marcus did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable and skilled. He not only efficiently did the repair we requested but found another minor issue and took care of it.Bradley Davis was great as well. Both were friendly, courteous and very helpful. We appreciate how patient they were answering our many questions.They compliment each other as a team andboth are great ambassadors for your company.We will definently request Marcus and Brad if plumbing needs arise again.Sherry was great assisting us as well.Kudos to them and Blackburn Plumbing!
    Tommy Welch
    Marcus and his hand were very effective and efficient today. The previous plumbing company didn't complete the same work within 2.5 hours. However, Marcus @ Blackburn Plumbing and Air of Eastern Oklahoma LLC completed the job in a professional and timely manner of less than 45 minutes. Thank you so much!!
    Deborah L. Goforth
    Brandon, Diamond and crew were great! They kept me apprised of everything they were doing and work moved quickly and efficiently. Big thanks and all appreciation for a job well done. 100% A+
    Charlene Maxwell
    Diamond always does a great job and is always polite. Thank you for your service!
    Donna Heskett
    Very nice and pleasant gentlemanAnswer all my question
    Ryan Wiley
    Without fail, Jason always does a great job when he comes to our house. I always appreciate that he knows what he is doing, does it well, and is very respectful. We have had Jason fix our plumbing issues for many years. We are glad that he is now at Blackburn Plumbing!
    Charl Beauchat
    Marcus, Bradley and everyone we encountered at Blackburn were great. After months, literally months of waiting for a different company and being stood up several times, we called Blackburn. From the first call , they were professional, prompt, called when there was a slight delay . The office and plumbers were pleasant and seemed to care and want our business. We needed to replace a sewer line to the main. This is a costly job. When we got the quote, Marcus was willing to answer my questions and helped us understand what the costs were based on. Because they wouldn’t really know the time required until they start digging, and see what they were getting into, he said he priced the job for two days of labor. He explained he would rather price for that, then come back to us saying we had run into a problem and the cost would be higher. We appreciated his honesty and foresight. Well, they worked professionally and efficiently. It look less time than we had allotted for unknowns. Without us even asking, Marcus contacted his office and let is know the cost was being significantly reduced ! Another thing that stood out to us ; the sewer goes under the street and behind a neighbors yard. The previous plumber told us, we would incur the cost of the new asphalt. We had not discussed this with Marcus. On his first appointment to assess the situation, within 30 minutes he had a city employee out here and then discussed the plan and that city would pay for the repave !My husband and I are grateful for their business ethics and have already hired them to start another project next week!
    Always have a good experience.
    Clint Parker
    Jason, of Blackburn hvac and plumbing, responding to a persistent leak in our upstairs shower, solved the problem quickly and efficiently. I had purchased a faulty part and had reached my frustration level. His experience and ability saved the day. Excellent service and reasonable rates will see me calling again when the need arises. Thank you, Blackburn, HVAC and Plumbing.
    Sam Rosson
    Fast friendly and efficient
    Janai Miller
    Excellent & efficient work. Very friendly. I would highly recommend Diamond
    Casey Jones
    Very Professional Service, Diamond was very knowledgeable and kept a clean workspace.
    Jessica Skimbo
    The quick response was wonderful! The guys notified when they were on the way so I could meet them and not have to wait or take off of work all day. They came in cold weather and got right to work fixing my problem.
    Theresa Yates
    Amazing customer service and VERY helpful! Professional and knowledgeable. Efficient and reliable! Will definitely be using for ALL our plumbing needs.
    I tried the rest and this company is the best. I can finally enjoy my new home the way it's meant to be enjoyed, on the toilet. Jason was awesome. Thanks so much.
    Cassidy/Tucker Mullins
    Very knowledgeable and very professional. Had several HCAC issues that were proving hard to solve, they stayed with it until all problems were fixed and even found a few more that would’ve caused issues later on.
    Mike Sossamon
    The Guys were very Professional, they were on time and took care of business.
    Renee Amason
    Excellent work performed in an excellent and timely manner.
    Debra Wood
    Jason was very nice and professional. Thank you so much Blackburn Plumbing!
    Jessica Hackler - Your Realtor
    Called them for a unique issue on the aging h/a unit in a rental. Already had one company out that had no clue of the cause of the issue. Diamond and Cordell from Blackburn came out and within minutes made a conclusion. Diamond taught us more about our H/A unit than anyone else had. Gave us tips on maintaining the aging unit better and left us feeling good and secure in what to do next. Would recommend every time.
    Sam Martinez
    Great work.Thank you 😊
    Connie Doyle
    Professional, friendly and knowledgeable
    David H
    Diamond from Blackburn came out to test a gas line I had put in for our new home. Unfortunately the test failed as I had some connections that were not right. Diamond asked if I wanted him to take care of it and I said sure. He jumped right on it and had everything fixed in about a half hour. New test went well and I am now secure in knowing I won't have gas issues. Great job Diamond and Blackburn. It is always a pleasure doing business with Blackburn.
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